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Programs we offer

We customize corporate programs for individual business needs for employee stress reduction and productivity.

We also offer programs for schools students and staff .

Programs for Schools

Schools, students and teachers face unique challenges. Our programs are designed specifically for schools to help staff and students learn how to manage stress and pressure with a focus on anxiety and depression.

Programs for Businesses

For owners, managers, and leaders, work environments can be a very stressful place. Productivity and performance of staff can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.


We offer a unique approach for leaders in businesses to help improve communication, increase productivity, and take your business from surviving to thriving.


Dry Leaf

Our events are a wonderful way to get away and truly focus on mind and body. Our customized events are geared toward a group's specific interests using meditation and Higher Brain Living ® program as a foundation.

Conference Space

Space available for rent 

Perfect for team building, annual planning, strategic planning,

and project planning.  

Companies are finding success when they hold meetings off site. By helping bond employee relationships, reports say communication patterns change off site compared to on site meetings with lasting change.

If you choose; we have skilled facilitators at HWHC to help you with this process along with programs teaching stress management techniques.