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Frequently Asked Questions

At Healing Waters Health Center, we create healthier, happier people. You’ll find support to resolve immediate ailments and learn important self-care basics for life-long improvement. We bring together modern techniques and ancient practices, a blend of Eastern and Western methods that concentrate on creating more flow of energy through the body. We have decades of experience in direct treatment and know the best way to achieve and maintain wellness is to give you the tools you need to make self-care part of your daily life.

Emotional Ailments

After having “tried everything” or not getting anywhere with traditional Western medicine or techniques, our clients just want answers, relief, hope – from someone who cares and someone who makes their whole self feel better and “work” better. We treat and heal the following emotional ailments:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Fear

  • Feeling 'off'

Physical Ailments

Healing Waters Health Center provides healing, hope and empowerment for people who’ve tried traditional Western and other alternative methods of healing and self-improvement without succeeding. Many of our clients want to avoid unnecessary surgeries, drugs or other 'heavy-handed' traditional Western approaches. We provide healing and relief for most of physical ailments such as:

  • Knee, shoulder, and joint pain

  • Back pain

  • Headaches/migraines

  • Infertility

  • Low energy

  • Breathing problems

  • Speed up healing after surgery

  • Sports injuries

  • Burns

  • Cancer support


A: AcuEnergetics® is a healing modality treating illness and pain in the body. When energy is congested in the energetic pathways, we can experience dysfunction, pain, depression or anxiety, just to name a few. By restoring the natural energy flow, pain and dysfunction can be lessened or eliminated. 

Q: What does a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION look like?

A: During your 30 minutes, you talk with a practitioner, together you'll discover a plan for your personal needs,  you experience a sample session and we let you know how we can help your healing process.

Q: What does an AcuEnergetics® TREATMENT look like?

A: On your first visit, the practitioner and client will visit about issues that the client is having. Most often, the client will then lay on a massage table for their session while the practitioner works on the energy points to get flow and movement. (Initial visits are 90 minutes)


Q: What is an AcuEnergetics® WELLNESS BALANCE?

A: There are 11 wellness balances offered. Each has its own benefits and value. The purpose of a wellness balance is to increase energy flow, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and well-being. Each of the balances are listed with a complete description on the website under “HEAL” then scroll to “WELLNESS WE PROVIDE.”



Q: What is a monthly MEMBERSHIP?

A: A monthly membership is for those who want to make a 6-month commitment to monthly balances. It is a great way to keep the energy moving throughout your body and to keep you well. 


Q: Is there a cost difference between an AcuEnergetics® TREATMENT and a WELLNESS BALANCE?

A: No, there is not a cost difference between a treatment and a balance. Sometimes, clients switch between a balance and a treatment, which is very beneficial. The two work well together.


Q: What is the difference between a practitioner and a senior practitioner?

A: Both are equally qualified to treat, a senior practitioner has been a practitioner longer and has case studies submitted to AcuEnergetics headquarters. 

A practitioner session is 90 minutes and senior practitioner session is 60 minutes 


Q: How do I choose what I need or want to experience? 

A: Choosing a Treatment with a practitioner to discover what is best for your personal needs is a good first step. From here we guide you to the best treatment plan specifically for you. 


Q: Can I use multiple membership sessions in a 1 month period?

A: Yes, if you purchase a 2/month membership, and you can always buy an additional package to use at any time.  


Q: What do I wear during a session?

A: You can wear whatever you’d like. You stay clothed during your session. 


Q: What other modalities are available at Healing Waters?

A: We offer:

  •  AcuEnergetics® classes

  •  meditation classes

  • Higher Brain Living® 

  • The Perfect Triangle™

 Please search the website under “LEARN” for a complete description of the classes and what they are about. 


Q: Do you offer anything for businesses?

A: We have a beautiful workshop space for hourly/day/weekend rental.  Perfect for offsite meetings, workshops, or strategy sessions.  

We also offer elite leadership programs that include a combination of energy sessions and communication skills which truly complement each other if a company is “feeling stuck”. 


Q: Can I use my HSA to pay for sessions or classes?

A: Typically services at HWHC are covered using HSA depending on your personal coverage,  you will want to check with your provider. 

You are responsible for keeping your receipts for proof should you ever need it.  


Q: Does insurance ever cover services at HWHC?

A: We do not take insurance, however if you have had a car accident, some car insurances will provide money you can apply to your sessions.