AcuEnergetics® Classes

AcuEnergetics® helps those who are curious about energy flowing throughout the body. How it works and how it can be Manipulated for a better flow of energy. Students whether novice or experienced in energy work, our classes give knowledge to a new way of looking at the body. We understand the body is bio-electrical. Our approach will increase energy flow in the body which improves function. In the first 3 levels of training, students learn self-care, wellness balances, and grow a deeper understanding of the psychology of the body. The 4th level brings an understanding of how to practically use the information in the previous levels treating the body the most efficiently and holistically.

Level 1

"Skills for Living"


A journey of self–discovery through the heart.

Level 2

"Inner Alchemy"

Treating yourself and others.

Level 3

"The Art & Science of Energy Healing"

Taught by Kevin NIV Farrow.

Level 4

Practitioner Level

“The Art & Science of Energy Healing”

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